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It is hard to find a tutor who will give you confidence, help you achieve your best and fill in all the blanks. Thanks to Emily, Claudia and Richard for all of their support!
Alex (student)

Bina (parent)

My daughter had a phobia for maths. Since Richard has started tutoring her
I have realised that she has started to overcome that barrier. He is very
patient and reliable. I went to my daughters academic review and the
teacher said that she is becoming more confident.Though she has a long way
to go this definitely is a step in the right direction. 5/5

Maggie (parent)

Dear Richard and Emily, we would like to say a big thank you for helping our son prepare for his entrance exams. He benefited greatly from your clear instructions, excellent materials and patience.


Dear Richard,  Thank you so much.  My husband and I were absolutely
delighted after your course helped our son enormously with his 11+
exam preparation.
The tutors were wonderful and highly  motivational.  Our son really
enjoyed the individual and groupwork in the small classes.  The work that
was set was tailored to his ability.  His attitude to schoolwork
improved.  Every morning he wanted to get out of bed and go to the class(during the 2 week summer course).  He hated homework before attending this course, but we were pleasantly shocked that he diligently applied himself to more than 1 hour of homework every day without parental threats and supervision.  His progress in maths and English was amazing and his scores greatly improved.  His confidence was boosted immensely.The feedback is detailed and constructive.   I can honestly say that this
course turned around a reluctant schoolwork-shy boy.  I have absolutely
no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this course.
Satisfied Parent C W



When I had nearly given up on finding a good tutor for my daughter I came across Richard’s web site. I called him and was invited for a free assessment. Just thought that we had nothing to lose. Since then never looked back, my daughter went on the 11+ intensive course (she had just finished year 4). At the end of the course she said ‘ I would have taken 2 years at school to learn what I have learned in just 2 weeks ‘. After the intensive course she carried on having lessons once a week. She progressed so rapidly that we decided to have a break and get back closer to the exams.

I am very impressed with the fantastic dedication, professionalism and honesty. Can not recommend highly enough for any parent who views their children’s academic achievement as important as I do.