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Teaching and Learning - Oxbridge


When I had nearly given up on finding a good tutor for my daughter I came across Richard’s web site. I called him and was invited for a free assessment. Just thought that we had nothing to lose. Since then never looked back, my daughter went on the 11+ intensive course (she had just finished year 4). At the end of the course she said ‘ I would have taken 2 years at school to learn what I have learned in just 2 weeks ‘. After the intensive course she carried on having lessons once a week. She…

Teaching and Learning


Personalised learning informed by the latest educational research


This means adopting a highly responsive approach to each student’s learning ensuring that they able to progress and achieve. We strengthen the links between teaching and learning by engaging the students in the learning process and bringing them on board as learning partners.


A three-way approach



We pay close attention to our individual student’s knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes. Learning is connected to and starts from what they already know. We build on students’ prior-knowledge and address any misunderstandings along the way.


Learners are encouraged to be active and curious learners. They create their own hypotheses, ask questions, coach one another (in group sessions), set learning goals for themselves, monitor their progress and experiment with ideas. We give students’ the time to reflect on their learning and review what they have learnt to help make sure learning is lasting and not just ‘for the test’.


Assessment is not just about tests. It a constant process which drives students’ progression as they negotiate targets with their tutor and monitor their progress. Our students are aware of their levels of achievement and their progress towards their learning goals.