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This IS Rocket Science! - Oxbridge


My daughter had a phobia for maths. Since Richard has started tutoring her I have realised that she has started to overcome that barrier. He is very patient and reliable. I went to my daughters academic review and the teacher said that she is becoming more confident.Though she has a long way to go this definitely is a step in the right direction. 5/5
Bina (parent)

This IS Rocket Science!


For the Engineers, Scientists and Tech-Wizards of the future our STEM Workshops are a must!

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“This is Rocket Science” is designed to enrich and accelerate academically advanced students in multiple cross-curricular areas, preparing them for scholarship while enriching and expanding them beyond the curriculum. The aim of this course is to inspire and nurture interest in STEM  related subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) by teaching them in a fresh, inspiring and creative way through our practical and fun workshops. Our first year has been phenomenal and we have now expanded the course to cater for students from Year 5 – Year 13. 


Attending our workshops will help students to develop a passion for Maths and Science related subjects as well as enhance their problem-solving skills. Through our workshops students see the practical application of the material they learn in school as they apply it with us in creative and exciting ways. Students will not only be more interested in Maths and Science but will also make significant progress in those subjects academically at school.


Skills developed include:


  • Strong numerical ability
  • Problem solving skills
  • Working in a team
  • Working under pressure successfully – timed challenges, game-show styled quizzes, practical problem solving 
  • Presentation skills/public speaking


We stretch students beyond the curriculum in a fun and challenging way. They are encouraged to think outside the box, nurture problem solving and embrace competition. Guest lectures from engineers and scientists in the industry also play a key role in our workshops. Bridge building, model rocketry, robotics and coding will form a major part of the practical projects undertaken. The skills developed on this course will not only be useful now but serve students well in the future when it comes to interviews at Oxford/Cambridge in STEM related fields including quantitative finance. 


Currently workshops are held in Holidays Only. 

Term time workshops resume in Summer Term 2019 on the weekend of April 27th.

They will be held on Saturdays at Pimlico Academy, SW1 and on Sundays at Baden Powell House, Queen’s Gate.  Workshops will be delivered by the Course Director, Richard Blaine.


Students may select from the following slots on  Saturday & Sunday during term time:







To book your place for Summer Term 2019,  please fill in the form here and return it to admin@oxbridgemasterclasses.co.uk.

Alternatively if you wish to book onto a Holiday Workshop, please fill in the form here and return it to admin@oxbridgemasterclasses.co.uk.


It is recommended that you book this in early to avoid disappointment!




  8 Responses to “This IS Rocket Science!”

  1. My son loves his Saturday sessions and looks forward to all the experiments. The sessions
    have sparked his interest in trying to solve problems.
    Many thanks!

  2. I have two sons attending the course. They both find it very interesting and special . They discuss things before, during and after the course. They never want to miss a lesson and would love to continue it forever! Well done Richard for organising a course that is really different from many other on offer for that age group. I feel there was really the need of something for the pre-teen, teenagers that could make use of their knowledge in a practical and fun way. Thank you!

    • Thanks Sara! The course is all I would have wanted at their age – so I thought I’d try and make it a reality! Thank you for your kind feedback.

  3. We are very glad, we registered for this course. The contents of the course covers all the latest topics in various fields of science and maths. To expose them to kids of this age, I thought was going to be very challenging, But the rocket science team are doing a very good job at that. Most of all, the classes are well designed and put together in a format very enjoyable for the kids. It will definitely help them in their further lessons throughout their schooling. We could have never taught this ourselves to our son. In a setting like that, with a very able set of children and top class academics and the prestigious location of Imperial college, it has been a right mix to effectively educate them on these topics.

  4. Rocket Science is a brilliant series of workshops that my two children have thoroughly enjoyed. It has inspired their love of STEM subjects and both now wish to pursue these at University.
    Thank you Rocket Science Team.

  5. Rocket Science lessons are brilliantly made and planned out, making them both fun and educational, whilst maintaining a positive atmosphere conducive to easy learning. Richard and his team are dedicated, patient and fun.

  6. My son attended the course over the May half term and he LOVED it. He is coming back for the next series in the autumn !

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